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Carbon Monoxide

The Problem

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odourless and poisonous gas which is produced during combustions that do not contain enough oxygen. The gas is being produced in a lot of different industries like steel factories or coffee roasting factories. The employees of these kind of factories can be in a lot of danger if the carbon monoxide reaches hazardous levels. Because of the interference the carbon monoxide detectors cannot see the difference between carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas. The current detectors potentially go off way before the hazardous carbon monoxide levels are reached and thus cause unnecessary evacuations. These evacuations cost factory owners a lot of money.

Our Solution

For the competition we combine our knowledge of biology, chemistry and electrical engineering to invent a device that will detect carbon monoxide without the interference of hydrogen gas. We will use bacteria that can detect carbon monoxide. These bacteria then produce a specific protein which we can turn into an electric signal that indicates the carbon monoxide levels.

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Who are we

Hello everyone, and welcome to our wiki!
We are team Rotterdam_HR, the first iGEM team from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. We are a team with multiple disciplinaries: five biology and medical laboratory research students; two chemistry students; two electrical engineer students and even a computer science student. Together we make an efficient and effective team. Our team stands out because we have two electrical engineer students and thus we will focus on the hardware.

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