Team:SHSBNU China/Achievement

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Bronze Medal

a. 「Registration」

We registered our team, spent a full summer doing experiments, and plan to enjoy the trip to Boston as well as the Giant Jamboree.

b. 「Deliverables」

Silver Medal

a. 「BioBricks」

We have designed, built and experimentally validated 6 new functional biobricks (except 1 in Golden medal) and already submitted characterization data to the parts registry page.

  1. BBa_K2684000
  2. BBa_K2684001
  3. BBa_K2684002
  4. BBa_K2684003
  5. BBa_K2684004
  6. BBa_K2684005

b. 「Collaboration」

We have collaborated with other IGEM teams:

  1. -BNDS_China shares iGEM kit of InterLab
  2. -Help BFSUICC_China
  3. -Help from Team Tsinghua
  4. -Modelling Learning with BJRS_China
  5. -Jointly Organize Northern China High School iGEMers’ Meetup

Collaboration List

c. 「Safety」

Lab safety: all team members are trained before starting work on our project; experiment regulations are rigidly observed.

d. 「HP」

=We introduced our project to high school students, and received their views of our project.

We went to a sewage plant of Hanghua Property of China Merchants located at China World Trade Center, in Beijing to ask its manager’s opinion of our project.

Gold Medal

a. 「Integrated HP」

We established Synthetic Biology Club in SHSBNU school.

We designed and implemented a layered education system.

We gave series of lectures to all students.

We went to a sewage plant Hanghua Property to discuss our modified biology treatment.

b. 「Parts」

We improved an exited BioBrick BBa_K1583000.

We created a new part BBa_K2684006

c. 「Demonstrate」

After the field visit, we had three inspirations of improving the efficiency of sewage treating plant. Four experiments successfully demonstrate the feasibility of our biological parts. At the same time, we designed a hardware that is sufficient in processing waste water and, at the same time, biologically safe.

d. 「Model」

We considered filter element as a whole enzyme in the filtration system.

Based on Michaelis-Menten kinetics, we had functions describing the logarithm relationship between the concentration of substrate and time.

We designed a water-filter adjust the flow rate and hydraulic pressure and reach an optimal processing efficiency

iGEM Prizes

Best New Basic Part