Team:SHSU China/Attributions

ExoBlood SHSU_China


How We Made This Amazing Journey


Jiuqi Shen
Literature research Whole team
Interlab Xinyi Miao, Sibo Wang
Functional test: COD test Yan Luo
Regular Lab work Yan Luo, Jiuqi Shen, Yi Han, Wang Sibo, Xinyi Miao, Jie Ji, Yunchuan Li
Transmission electron microscope screening sample preparation JiuQi Shen
Primer Design Yan Luo, Yi Han, Jiuqi Shen
HEK 293T cell line transformation Yan Luo
Parts Submission Yan Luo, Jie Ji
Western-blot Analysis Jiuqi Shen, Yan Luo
Parts Design Yan Luo
Protocal Researching Yan Luo, Jiuqi Shen, Yi Han, Yunchuan Li
Wiki-text Yan Luo, Jiuqi Shen, Yi Han
Research Yan Luo
Pharmacokinetics Modelling Yan Luo
Experimental Data & Data Analysis Yan Luo
Wiki text Yan Luo
Human Practices
Social Media Sibo Wang, Yunchuan Li, Xinyi Miao
CCIC in CHina Xinyi Miao, Yi Han, Yan Luo, Yuchen Tian
Cloth Design & Propoganda Sibo Wang
Collaboration Sibo Wang, Xinyi Miao
Blood Donation Station Propoganda Yan Luo
NASDAQ Cooperation Analysis Sihan Yang
Education Yan Luo, Jiuqi Shen, Yi. Han, Miao Xinyi
Expert interviews Yuchen Tian
Interview Report and Analysis Yuchen Tian
Public Idea Survey and Analysis Yuchen Tian
School Propoganda Yan Luo, Jiuqi Shen, Yi. Han
Wiki text Yuchen Tian, Sibo Wang, Sihan Yang
Graphing, Video, and Diagrams
Wiki Coding & Visual Design Yan Luo
Videos Yuchen Tian
Sticker Yan Luo
Flier Yan Luo
Poster Yan Luo
Wiki Content Whole Team
Diagrams Whole Team
Photographing Whole Team


Project Support & Advice

Dr.Chen Yang, provided Human Practice suggestions and theoretical support

Dr.Tingting Li, provided theoretical support, lab access, and answer questions.

Lab Support

Dr.Lei Lv, supervised the lab

Dr.Zhang, general support and western-blot instruction

Dr.He, Guidance for PCR, transformation and transfection

Dr.Zhang, mammalian cell culture related experiment instruction

Difficult Technique Support

Dr.Wang provides support for Transmission Electron Microscope sample staining

Dr.Zhang provides support for Transmission Electron Microscope Screening


SHSID_China for interlab


Dr.Yonggong Zhai, Visit Scholar of University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy, Center for Pharmacogenetics, Professor of Beijing Normal University

Ms.Jingbo Guo, Investor of Biotech Company

Dr. Dan Zhang, Beijing Shougang Hospital

Dr. Yanfang Yu, Beijing Shougang Hospital

Dr. Xiuchuan Tan, Anzhen Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University

Dr.Yandong Song, Anzhen Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University

General Support

Parents and friends of all team members

Mr.Xu, School Teacher provided general support for school arrangement and lab equipments

Mr.Lili Li, Support for fundraising

We thank all the members of Key laboratory of Metabolism and Molecular Medicine, Ministry of Education, Fudan University, we also appreciated all CiCC teams which gave us many useful ideas and suggestions.