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Collaboration with SHSID_China

Sibo Wang

During our time in their lab, we helped each other go through protocols and compared results of experiments. For instance, for two of the calibrations, they aided us in using the equipment to measure absorbance and fluorescence and for cell measurement, we shared our results to help them find errors that had led the rejection upon their first submission. The photos below demonstrate how we closely collaborated each step of the way. We had frequent discussion through the whole process about the protocols, the experiments, data processing, etc. We also set up a WeChat group for further discussion after the experiment. Our collaboration eventually led to both of our successes in completing InterLab. The following demonstrates in details how we have collaborated during and out of InterLab.

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How they helped us?

-----Laboratory and equipment: They kindly shared with us their lab and equipment to measure absorbance and fluorescence for the InterLab study, due to our lack of a suitable equipment. In the photo below, they were helping us prepare the 96-well plate for measurement of absorbance and fluorescence.

-----Transformation: They helped us perform transformation and amplification of plasmid pSB1C3-vHB from well 16E of Kit Plate 5. This is a key part of our experiment, we really appreciate their help, which made our experiment possible.

How we helped them?

-----DNA kit plate: We provided them with DNA Kit Plate 1 after they used up all of their plasmid in well 4L for transformation that unexpectedly failed.

-----Ligation: We aided them in the ligation of 2x20ul of pSB1C3-LuxG using a Quick Ligation system from New England BioLabs, which can complete the entire ligation process in 10-15 minutes.

-----Competent cell: We provided them with 3 tubes of E. coli DH5-α competent cell for transformation of their pSB1C3-LuxG after their lab ran out.

-----Troubleshooting: We helped them troubleshoot when their InterLab results got rejected upon the first submission. Together, we found that it was no more than a misinterpretation of requirement. Then they resubmitted their data and finally got accepted. Both teams are very excited about it.