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Yan Luo
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BBa_K2794001, as a sequence coding for marker protein of exosome, can be used to insert membrane proteins, signal peptide, or regular proteins to the exosomes. BBa_K2794002 is designed to specifically activates ubiquitination. BBa_K2794003 BBa_K2794004 can be used to actively load protein cargo into exosomes, while BBa_K2794005 focus primarily on specifically load vhb into exosomes. BBa_K2794006 attaches a WW domain to vhb, enabling an alternative for bingding vhb to Ndfip.

All parts information are in the parts page.

Name Type Description Desginer Length Usage
BBa_K2794001 Coding CD63 Varient1(Homo sapiens) Luo Yan 717 Marker protein for exosomes
BBa_K2794002 Coding Nedd4 Family Interacting Protein1 (Ndfip) Luo Yan 663 Activates E3 Ubiquitines(NEDD4)
BBa_K2794003 Tag WW Domain3 Luo Yan 147 Mediates interactions between Ndfip and Nedd4
BBa_K2794004 Tag WW Domain4 Luo Yan 147 Mediates interactions between Ndfip and Nedd4
BBa_K2794005 Coding CD63-Vhb Fusion Protein Luo Yan 1227 Makes exosomes wrapping hemoglobin inside
BBa_K2794006 Coding WW Domain3-Vhb Fusion Protein Luo Yan 654 Enable hemoglobin to bind with Ndfip
BBa_K2794010 Coding CD63 Varient1 without stop condon Luo Yan 711 Intermediate serving for fusion protein
BBa_K2794999 Scar pRK7 SHSU_China Fusion Protein Scar Luo Yan 12 Provides two Xba1 restriction sites for fusion