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Safety is Our Number One Priority



Tingting Li
Safe Project Design

Our project is to design a system to engineer human cell line to produce exosomes that work as cellular hemoglobin based oxygen carriers.

We didn’t use any whole organisms, or any virus. We used Escherichia coli DH5a and HEK 293T cells, both are in white list. No potential risk as the strains are fragile and can only live in lab environment and the secreted material is no harm to the environment or to humans.

Safe Lab Work

We performed all the experiments in Lv’s lab and we had safety training at the first day in the lab.

Prof. Lv is responsible for the safety and security of biology labs in basic medical school, Fudan University. He has discussed with us about our project and supervises the whole project. Dr. Li will also instruct us on experiment design. Dr. He and Dr. Zhang will instruct us in daily experiment, they both have rich experiments in cloning and cell culture. Dr. He instructed our cloning related experiment and Ms. Zhang taught and guided us in mammalian cell culture related experiments.Their research focus is in molecular biology and cellular biology. What experiment we may do in our project is basically their daily experiment and they are very familiar with that.

There is ony one exception: TEM(Transmission Electron Microscope) experiment, which was performed outside of the lab. The samples was stained by uranyl acetate, which should and could only be preformed by radiation permission license holders. So after we prepared the samples, Dr. Wang who has a radiation permission license helped us stain all the samples and Dr. Zhang from Institute of Biomedcial Sciences, Fudan University took the TEM images. She is the manager of TEM equipment and has rich experience in TEM operation. All the samples were kept and processed by guidance.

Safe Shipment

When we do the DNA submission early this month, we followed all the requirements, and clearly declared and labeled as ‘DNA’ and shipped it to Genscript in Nanjing.