Team:SSHS-Shenzhen/Human Practices/11 Title


Mission: 2018 iGEM Eurasian Meetup

Date: July 24-26, 2018

Location: Shenzhen Yantian Senior high school

We attended Eurasia exchange meeting in order to exchange ideas and evoke new ideas about our project. First, teachers and professors gave presentations of bioethics. Then we had some discussions about bioethics. For example, should people use gene design technology to make trees irradiance and should we use animal testing and so on . We were divided into few groups, each group has a “teacher” who inspired our thinking, everyone in share his or her own opinion about the issue. After discussions in the group, each group choose a people who gave a speech about the whole group’s idea of the given topic. We had a 1 hour break at noon, then started the meeting at 2 P.M. In the afternoon, there was a project pitch, every iGEM group chose a people to gave a short speech about what their team had learnt from the meeting. We talked about the bioethics issue we learned, the typesetting of our poster and the heuristics this meeting gave us. After that, we vote for the best poster , best pitch, best representation and most engaged team.

By attending the meeting, we learnt different ideas about other teams like what their project is about and ideas of doing the iGEM project. The meeting also evoke our thinking about bioethics problems, we realized that the bioethic problem is a very serious problem in the biology experiment. In our following experiments, we placed a high value on the issue. We also learned how to make our poster better and the ways of publicity our project.