Team:SSHS-Shenzhen/Human Practices/12 Title


Mission: Co-hosting and participating a meetup with SZU-China and TU Delft iGEM team

Date: July 27, 2018

Location: Conference room, Shenzhen University

Through the Eurasian communication conference, the students gained many valuable Suggestions. We communicated with TU Delft university team, who had organized the iGEM competition for 11 years, and got many comments and opinions about the project. Therefore, in order to better learn from such experienced teams, our tutor invited the iGEM team of TU Delft University and the iGEM team of Shenzhen University to have a deeper communication with the iGEM team of senior middle school in Xili campus of Shenzhen University.

The meetup was held at Shenzhen University's Xili campus. Dr. Mo, the instructor of iGEM team of Shenzhen University and iGEM team of Shenzhen senior middle school, gave the opening speech for this communication meeting. Dr. Mo briefly introduced Shenzhen University, a comprehensive academic university, and put the fresh dragon eyes in front of everyone's seat at the conference table for everyone to taste.

In the following link, each member of our three iGEM teams made a self-introduction in order to facilitate communication. After that, each team once again introduced their own projects and gained a lot of valuable questions.

Afterwards, the friendly competition team from Holland visited the deep laboratory under the guidance of the teacher. In addition, the team of SSHS-Shenzhen iGEM also followed the route and visited the Xili campus of Shenzhen University together. They experienced the beautiful campus environment in the high summer and took photos to commemorate the event.

At last, we had dinner together and talked about each other's countries. Our team members were also very enthusiastic to teach them Chinese.

The tripartite communication meeting was finally a success. Not only did we get the opportunity to communicate with other teams, we also had close contact with one of the judges in the iGEM contest. After that, our team will continue to improve their ability and strive for good results in this competition