Team:SSHS-Shenzhen/Human Practices/2 Title


Mission: Expert consultation

Date: May 13, 2018

Location: Zoological Laboratory, Shenzhen University.

After catching pests in the experimental fields, we went back to Shenzhen University’s zoological laboratory to authenticate our little “captures”. Under the supervision of Professor Wang, we observed the beetle under microscope, and identified its physical characteristics.

2mm tall and ellipse-shaped, the pest is characterized by its two bright yellow stripes on its back. We also learned that these beetle named Phyllotreta Striolata.

After the analysis, the professor taught us how to make specimens. Simply, we used a specific needle and stick it through the pest at its abdomen.

After the fields investigation and authentication, we could finally decide our project aim----using genetic spray instead of pesticide to annihilate Phyllotreta Striolata.