Team:SSHS-Shenzhen/Human Practices/6 Title


Mission: Publicity for our project and food safety

Date: September 16, 2018

Location: Grade 10 classroom, Shenzhen Senior High School, Shenzhen

On September 26th, our team members— Wang Zi Ming, Wang Jia Ning, Zhang Jun Sheng— went to the classrooms of senior one to propagandize our project and introduce the rules of iGEM competition during the evening self-study. Because most of the senior one students were tired of long-time study, they actively showed great interest of our presentation in order to refresh their brain.

At first, Zhang Jun Sheng went to the stage and used PPT to introduce our own project—shRNA pesticide. Most of them were surprised because they seldom attached importance to food safety in their life. Zhang Jun Sheng introduced our product and how does it work. He explained the principle patiently and specifically since it contained genetic knowledge which they were not familiar with. After all the students had a primary concept of some background knowledge, Wang Jia Ning started to show them our product’s advantages over the others. We used non-GMO way to achieve the effect which is the same as with GMO, and all the audiences were impressive.

Lastly,Wang Zi Ming came to let the students know the rules of iGEM competition such as the grade standards of different prizes, the things they need to do if they attend this competition. Serval students had questions about this competition, for example, a students asked them how long they need to prepared for this competition and if every team members had to go to America. Three members answered all the question confidently and encouraged all the students to join in and to have a try.

By this event, we popularize our products and iGEM competition to more students and we hope that more and more students who are interested in Biology or something relevant can join it.