Team:SSHS-Shenzhen/Human Practices/7 Title


Mission: Publicity for our project and food safety

Date: August 26, 2018

Location: Meilin park, Shenzhen

Since lack of knowledge in food safety may threaten people’s health, we decided to do something to popularize the knowledge about pesticide residue. More importantly, we can popularize our project-green spray. As a result, we went to the Meilin park in order to complete these purposes. In the morning, our team members arrived to the Meilin park early and began to making the display board which could show others about our poster. However, we met a problem. The securities didn’t allow us to display our poster along the street. By communicating with several securities, we finally reached an agreement, and we could display the poster insider the park. After solving this problem, we started our activities. When we displayed the poster, some people came to it for a look. We then started to introduce our project and knowledge about chemical pesticides to them. Moreover, we told them how to detect pesticide residue from vegetables using the simple and convenient method that we have been successfully tested last week, and explained them how to remove pesticide residue from vegetables at home. During this process, some people showed a lot of enthusiasm and interest to our project because they knew that chemical pesticide had a lot of harmful effects but they had no choice but to accept it. They not only wanted to try their best to reduce the bad effects of chemical pesticide, but also wanted to find a new way for people to kill the pests. By sharing with each other our opinions, we all learned a lot. Those people had a better understanding of how to reduce the chemical pesticide, and our group members got a lot of advice about our project from those people. Undoubtedly, this was a meaningful day.