Team:SSHS-Shenzhen/Human Practices/9 Title


Mission: Project video

Date: September 1, 2018 - October 4, 2018

Location: Shenzhen Senior High School

As our project progressed, we got really intrigued in our project. An idea came up to us: how about making a video! Everyone agreed, so we split into different groups and start working on it. We first wrote a script and designed the actions. Then, members from our art group designed the materials needed for our movie and have them custom-made. Next, we contacted our school administrator for allowing us to use the gym. We also asked a photographer to shoot the video for us. After finishing the preparation for the video, we went to Shenzhen Senior High School to shoot our video. In order to get a close to perfect, each acted was shot many times, our arms were all sour after a long time of raising the RNA sequence cardboard. Although it was really tiring, everyone was excited because this was the first time we've written, directed, and acted in a movie. After half a day of filming, we finished the most crucial part of our filming mission.

Finally, with the help of a video editor, after modifying over and over, we successfully finished our filming mission. We posted our video to the wechat and up to now there are more than 1000 people have watched our video.

You can watch it now below!