Mission: 2018 iGEM Southern China Regional Meeting

Date: May 6, 2018
Location: Shenzhen University

We attended the 2018 iGEM Southern China Regional Meeting. During the meeting, we brought our dilemma about production system selection, other iGEMers gave us lots of useful advices, we learned that in vitro transcription system is much less complex and easier to operate than E coli expression system. (Learn more)

Mission: 2018 iGEM Eurasian Meetup

Date: July 24-26, 2018
Location: Yantian Senior High School

We attended the iGEM Eurasian Meeting, and have got lots of good feedback from other iGEM teams after we presented our project, which is really inspiring. (Learn more)

Mission: Co-hosting and participating a meetup with SZU-China and TU Delft iGEM team

Date: July 27, 2018
Location: Shenzhen University

Our team then co-hosted a further meetup with SZU-China and TU Delft ollowing the Eurasian Meeting, advices and suggestions from TuDelft members helped us come up with our beetle trap design. (Learn more)