January to March, 2018

· Visited iGEM competition websites of the previous years, got to know what iGEM is about.

April 2018

· Literature readings, brainstorm for the team project
· Officially set up the 2018 SSHS-Shenzhen iGEM team

May 2018

· Performed field investigations, expert consultation
· Participated in 2018 iGEM Southern China Regional Meeting
· Set up Wechat public account
· Decided to develop a green weapon to destroy Phyllotreta Striolata.

June 2018

· Performed an On-line survey
· Discussed our project with Professors of Shenzhen University
· Determined to use RNAi approach for Phyllotreta Striolata control
· Design research strategy and experimental roadmap

July 2018

· Designed shRNA and siRNA sequences
· Had siRNAs synthesized, conducted shRNA in vitro transcription
· InterLab measurements
· Attended 2018 iGEM Eurasian Meeting, presented our project by presentation and poster
· Co-hosted a meetup with SZU-China and TU Delft iGEM team

August 2018

· Performed pesticide residue detection in vegetables using both simple and complex methods
· Completed feeding experiments
· Completed trapping effect experiments
· Introduced our project and food safety knowledge at park in Shenzhen

September 2018

· Made a project movie
· Introduced our project and food safety knowledge at middle school classroom
· Wrote experiment reports
· Wrote pesticide residue investigation report

October 2018

· Wiki construction
· Poster preparation
· Presentation preparation