Team:TPHS San Diego/Attributions




We would like to thank Jerry Lio for providing us with advice and mentorship in the lab.


We would like to thank Anjana Rao, the head of Rao Lab at La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, and everyone else there for providing supplies, equipment, and laboratory space.


Thank you Absorption Systems for the sponsorship and support!

Team Members

All work not mentioned above was done by our team members. The lab team completed the experiments with the help of those accredited above. The poster team created the poster, banner, logo, and all other diagrams and designs. The human practices team arranged interviews and events to help positively benefit the community as a whole in relation to our project. Finally, website team worked hard to create and design this wiki. In addition, a special thank you to the parents of all the members who helped fund and support the team in any way possible!

The team members are listed below:

Captain: Stella Chung
Vice captain: Kishan Shah, Joshua Chung

Lab Team
  • Joshua Chung
  • Allison Bien
  • Aiden Zhang
  • Amrita Moturi
  • Daniel Kim
  • Elliot Kim
  • Farrah Kaiyom
Poster Team
  • Rebecca Shin
  • Alina Ho
  • Allison Jung
  • Emily Smith
  • Melody Mao
  • Robbin Bai
Human Practices Team
  • Angela Liu
  • Arjun Naageshwaran
  • Claire Wang
  • Joshua Kim
Web Team
    • Ryan Heo
    • Daniel Liu
    • Josephine Kim