Preliminary team project descriptions


Preliminary team project descriptions


This is a brief introduction for our projects in 2018

Option one

The biologic sensor part:

We want to modify the S. cerevisiae to produce the H3 or H4 histamine receptor which is supposed to be able to induce the pheromone responsive pathway instead of the autogenetic pheromone receptor ste2, as the gene coding for ste2 have been knocked out. And we want to put fluorescent protein, like GFP or maybe another one after the special promoter, like fus1, promoted by pheromone responsive pathway, as our reporter gene.

The electronic part:

We want to make a reaction box to contain all of the reagents, and the biologic sensor part, the sum of the reporter fluorescent protein can be tested automatically and the information can be sent to the smart phone APP, and simple diagnosed can be made trough our pre-designed formulations.

Option two

we altered photosensitive E.coli to build a disposable info-reading system, which based on the light signal to induce GFP which will not be expressed immediately , and after the second light signal, the GFP will be expressed and be disposed. Our goal is to make a system which can achieve the function of disposable info-reading which can benefit in the secrecy and entertainment of kids.


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