University of Copenhagen iGEM 2018 Team proudly presents


Simple Pharmaceutical Protein Production & Purification System on Mars

This year’s Copenhagen iGEM team is working on a protein production system for the colonization of Mars. Microgravity on Mars induces muscle loss in Martians; to alleviate this, we will make pure human growth hormone using our novel PharMARSy system. PharMARSy is a protein production system that uses the disease-causing bacterial injectisome (Type III secretion system) as a molecular syringe to inject a specific protein, freshly made from a microbial factory, through a biomimetic membrane. PharMARSy allows for both production and purification of the protein - all in one.

Oh! PharMARSy works on Earth too, and we can produce many other pure proteins with PharMARSy!

We will be adding more content to this Wiki over this summer.

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