Who is Saccharomyces cerevisiae ?
Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a single-celled microorganism commonly known as the brewer's yeast. This yeast is a facultative anaerobe which means that it has both the ability to grow using oxygen via cellular respiration as well as to undergo fermentation in the absence of oxygen.

What is adrenaline ?
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What are the uses of yeast ?

S.cerevisiae is the Brewer’s yeast!
Indeed, it is the principal microorganism
responsible for the fermentation process
during brewing. It is also used in baking to
leaven bread, in winemaking to ferment the
beverage and in various scientific
research as a model.
What is the use of adrenaline ?

is used as an
emergency treatment
during life-threatening
anaphylactic reactions
and cardiac arrest. It
may also be used
to control minor
bleeding and

So, what's the problem ?
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Our Solution
The union of yeast and the adrenaline enzymatic machinery.

We intend to use S. cerevisiae to produce adrenaline that can be purified and stored.