UMaryland iGEM 2018

UMaryland iGEM
Under construction - just like our campus!
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Here's a cute testudo.

We're sorry this wiki is incomplete.

Hello, and welcome to our wiki! We're UMaryland iGEM!

We are working on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic degradation through the use of the enzyme PETase. We plan to increase the efficiency of PETase by binding it to bacterial cellulose. The cellulose acts as a net for the PET, hence our project name PET NET.

We are working hard in the lab to get results for our wiki! If you have any questions about our projects or have collaboration opportunities, please email us at

Check out some of the pages we have actually done, such as our Mid-Atlantic Meetup page, or our InterLab study.

yeah we realize this is not so pretty. we're working on it.

contact us at