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What we achieved in the Giant Jamboree

Team Picture in the Jamboree

This is a team picture taken right after our presentation in the Giant Jamboree

Our team is very proud to announce that we achieved the GOLD MEDAL

iGEM GOLD medal

We were also nominated to four special prizes:

  • Nomination for Best Therapeutics Project
  • Nomination for Best Measurement
  • Nomination for Best Model
  • Nomination for Best New Composite Part

Our achievements so far are:

  • 13 basic and composite parts
  • Characterized existing and new parts
  • Improved pfadBA promoter and characterized it
  • We have developed a theoretical framework for the implementation of Gargantua as a live biotherapeutic
  • Explored society needs and received expert advice
  • Raised awareness about synthetic biology in kids, teenagers and adults

About Team

Team Picture

UPF_CRG_Barcelona team is impulsed by Experimental and Health Sciences Department and Information and Communication Tecnologies Department at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and by Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG), a biomedical and genomics research center based in Barcelona. Both institutions wager for the education and enterpreneurship of young minds and for this reason they encouraged UPF science students to take part in the iGEM competition. They gave us this challenging oportunity to create our own science project from scratch.