Team:UPF CRG Barcelona/Attributions



Team Work

We divided our work like this:

  • Interlab: Guillem Lopez-Grado and Laura Sans
  • Poster: Laura Sans and Carla Castignani
  • Presentation in Boston: Óscar Rodríguez and Marta Vilademunt
  • Wiki and Graphic Design: Jordi Pla and Laura Sans
  • Wet Lab: OverExpression: Marta Vilademunt and Jordi Pla. Biosensor: Carla Castignani and Oriol Solà. Integration: Dimitrie Ivancic and Guillem Lopez-Grado.
  • Model: Oriol Solà, Jordi Pla and Óscar Rodríguez

We all participated in fundraising, paperwork and burocracy, which were a huge part of our project

General Support

The UPF_CRG_Barcelona team was responsible for the majority of the work shown in this wiki. However, we received the support from several advisors and instructors. Here, we would like to thank everyone who took the time to help us develop our project and solve our doubts.

The Experimental and Health Sciences Department (DCEXS) of University Pompeu Fabra (UPF), for providing us with the lab and working space, the management help and funding.

The Engineering in Information and Communication Technologies Department (DTIC) of UPF, for providing us with help and funding.

The Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG), for providing us with amazing experts, machinery and funding.

The Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB), for providing us common spaces and allowing us to participate in their scientific activities and to organize the Spanish Meet Up.

The Factoria+ of digital production of UPF, in particular to Justí Torn, Nil Bernat and Anna Cuesta, for making an incredible video for the Fundraising campaign and for designing our logo.

Javier Álvarez and all the people from Promega Ibérica for their support, their kindness and for inviting us to with an amazing Promega Ibérica tour and workshops.

A huge thanks for Regina López (DCEXS-UPF) and David Comas (Director of DCEXS-UPF), for helping us from how to get the door cards to managing our finances and standing up for our project.

Experimental and Safety Support

PhD student Carlos Toscano Ochoa in Dynamical Systems Biology Lab in DCEXS-UPF and former iGEMer and former iGEM instructor, who helped us in our experimental part and also gave us iGEM tips.

Prof. Javier Macia, PI in the Synthetic Biology for Biomedical Applications Lab in DCEXS-UPF, who hosted us in his laboratory.

PhD Carlos Rodríguez-Caso, researcher in the Synthetic Biology for Biomedical Applications Lab in DCEXS-UPF, who helped us in daily wet lab when the instructors were not available.

PhD student Sira Mogas from the Synthetic Biology for Biomedical Applications Lab in DCEXS-UPF, who helped us in daily wet lab when the instructors were not available.

Prof. Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo, PI in the Dynamical Systems Biology Lab in DCEXS-UPF, who helped us with the circuits and composite parts design, team organization and gave a talk in the Spanish Meet Up we hosted.

Postdoctoral researcher, Raúl Burgos, from the Design of Biological Systems Lab in CRG, who gave us scientific advice and let us use the machinery.

Prof. Juana Díez and PhD Gemma Pérez Vilaró from Laboratory of Molecular Virology in DCEXS-UPF, who us provided us with reagents and materials and who actively support student enterpreneurship.

Dr. Luis Serrano PI in the Design of Biological Systems Lab in CRG, who helped us in hurrying bureaucracy. We could not be in the Jamboree without his help.

Dr. Ricard Solé, PhD Raúl Montañez and PhD Núria Conde, for helping us in the development of our experimental part and for advising us.

Prof. Salvador Aznar Benitah and PhD Gloria Pascual from Stem Cells and Cancer group from Institute for Research in Biomedicine. For being our inspiration and helping us.

Also, thanks to all the staff from Marc Guell’s Lab, Nastassia Knödlseder, Jessica Jaraba and Maria Pallarès for the help when working in their space.

Miquel Sas from DCEXS for the help when ordering laboratory materials and also for safety advise.

Oriol Iborra and Egea PhD Student currently working at the Fundació Institut Investigació Germans Trias i Pujol (Cardiology Unit) from ICREC research group (Cardiac Regeneration and Heart Failure) and member of the board of directors of the Catalan Society of Biology (SCB), for supporting our project from the beginning.

Other Mentionable Support

Thanks to all the people who collaborated in the crowdfunding campaign:

Laura Sans, Eva González, Ariadna Fosch Muntané, Maria Cereceda, Martina Garriga, Mar Villa, Uxío Hermida Núñez, Cristian Galán Augé, Sergi Mira i Paulí, Albert Martí Palau, Montserrat Borrell, Leticia Mª Mantecón Yuguero, Isabel Lleonart Botia, Nuria Pla Roma, Elisabet Rosas, Cristina Villalba Salvador, Jordi Rosell Foxà, Joan Vila Puigblanque, Pau Benito Buch, Sandra Balsells, Cristina Oliva Cosin, Joan Ramis, Anna Montañez, Carme Travieso Vieira, Oriol Solà Riera, Núria, Luis Pallares, Adelina Mendieta, Diego, Brittany Williams, Borja, Marta Vilademunt, Roser Solà, Beverley and Roger, Laura, Enric Vendrell Colom, Jaime Sodupe, Laura Benítez, Pepa Viladomiu, Jordi Julià Sort, Aitor, Nada Stevanovic, Nuri Cruañas Roqué, Mercè Guerra, Sans Rivero Family, Montserrat Bigas, Alex Murillo Baixas, Miquel Desoi, Marina, Margarita, Adrian Jover Escalante, Jordi Muñoz Forga, Laia Cortés Soler, Mónica Alarcon, Castells Valero, Jordi Pujol, Èric Matas Garcia, Albert Vitó i Godina, Isabel Codina, Nil, Andreu Tosete, Miquel Sodupe Roure, Elisa Canela, Andrea Dunkel Tort, Tanja Ducic, Lourdes Viladomiu, Jordi Assens, Sílvia Pujadas Arnau, Àlex Sancliment, Regina, Lluís Manso Matachana, Matilde Arnau Escuder, Sara Silvar Viladomiu, Nacho Barcia, Lluisa Viladomiu, Albert Vitó i Godina, Victòria Espar Almeda, Carolina Frías, Francesc Illa Viladomiu, Christian Atanasiu, Emili Santana Porta, Jose Antonio Carrerra, Eva, Fernando Giraldez Orgaz, Mey Vila, Jeremy Smith, Sergi, Miriam Arnaiz, Tamara Djermanovic, Montserrat, Alex, Josep Thió, Dani Folch, Laura Jiménez, Ricard Abelló Puyuelo, Marc Olivella, Barbara Alcaide Garcia, Sílvia Poll Castignani, Cristina Casas, José Fernando, Josep Garcia, Jan Viladoms, Ricard Vilaseca Requena, Cristina Garcia, Hanna Sakhno, Maria Bargués Ribera, Eugenia Canadell Tió, Paula and Roger Subirà Lara