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To collaborate with iGEM fellow teams we answered their surveys about their projects, human practices or public engagement.

  • Team Tec-Chihuahua. Entrepreneurship in iGEM.
  • Team UNebraska-Lincoln. Invasive Species Survey.
  • Team IIT Kanpur. Survey to Fight Water Pollution.
  • Team UCopenhagen. Survey on Public Engagement of iGEM Teams.
  • Team Bielefeld-CeBiTec. Survey on Dual Use and Dual Use Research of Concern.
  • Team UC San Diego. Survey Assessment: Creating a better iGEM environment for you.
  • Team Thessaloniki. Synthetic Biology Survey.
  • Team Macquarie_Australia. Human practices in iGEM teams.
  • Team METU HS. Biofuels Survey.
  • Team Thessaloniki. Survey about synthetic biology, laboratory work, safety and ethics addressed to experienced scientist, to our instructors and advisors.
  • Team Tartu_TUIT. Survey about Sunscreen Usage and Impact on Environment.


Instagram ScreenShot

Team Stony Brook. Instagram Challenge For July. See more posts on our Instagram Account

Instagram ScreenShot

Team US AFRL CarrollHS. Mike the Microbe. See more on our Instagram account

Electrophoresis gels

Team UNebraska-Lincoln. Worst Gel Electrophoresis Scrapbook. "The gel nightmare: We had been working hard to obtain a gene construct and after performing several clonings it seemed that we had our desired constructs. We performed a colony PCR and it seemed that we had amplification product, YAY. So, we happily did the minipreps praying for a good result in the verifying digestion. However, when running the gel nothing appeared in it, not even a small band. So that means we had nothing there and we had to repeat the cloning again. This happened at least four times."

Postcards Collaboration

We participated in this collaboration open by Duesseldorf Team with the design above. As we think that in our days there is still need for the equality between women and men in science. If you want to download our postcard, you can do it here.

Postcard front
Postcard Back
Tweet about the postcard Collaboration


We translated into our native languages, Catalan and Spanish; the Synthetic Biology Comic Book that OUC-China Team designed and created.

Comic Cover Spanish Comic Cover Catalan

You can check OUC-China Public Engagement and Education wiki page to know more about their comic book.

Accessible Wiki

Marburg team 2018 invited us to collaborate with them to make our wiki page accessible for people with special needs. We are participating with them trying to make our wiki color-blindness friendly.

We tried to design a accessible user interface. We checked all our color palettes through a color-blindess simulator to see if it was accessible or not.

To know more visit Marburg Team wiki page.

Marburg 2018 team logoMarburg accessible wiki

iGEM MeetUps

Organised: Spanish MeetUp 2018

This iGEM season has been great, specially in our country, being the year with more teams registered in iGEM. There are five spanish iGEM teams this year, one of them BG-Navarra, formed by High School Students. UPF_CRG_Barcelona arranged an Spanish MeetUp from 18th to 20th August in Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB). If anyone wants to check the program, find itind it here.

Four teams assisted to the Spanish Meetup, BioIQS-Barcelona, OLM-Madrid, BG_Navarra and Grenoble-Alpes. We held presentations to prepare for the Giant Jamboree, we organized workshops in order to discuss doubts and problems that an iGEM team can face in Spain and finally we assisted to lectures from researchers in the PRBB. The lectures were given out by Professor Jordi García-Ojalvo (Dynamical Systems Biology Lab), PhD Núria Conde (Complex Systems Lab and DIY BioBCN) and Professor Marc Güell (Translational Synthetic Biology Lab). Finally, we skyped with the european iGEM ambassador, Thea Chrysostomou.

We also combined some inter-team building between the scientific events. For example, we played beach volleyball, we did a tour around the beautiful city of Barcelona and we hiked up to the Air Bunkers in Barcelona to observe the stars and get a fantastic stars-master class by the Instructor of BG-Navarra team. For our team, holding the meetUp was a great experience in order to get to know the other teams, enrich our knowledge and share concerns and worries about the iGEM competition.

Attended: Mediterranean MeetUp and European MeetUp in Madrid

European MeetUp by Madrid-OLM

From the 14th to 16th September we attended the MeetUP held by the Madrid-OLM iGEM team. There we had the opportunity to attend to well-known scientist speeches such as Victor de Lorenzo. We also did some sight-seeing around the city and share experiences between the teams.

Picture with two team members from Madrid-OLM

Mediterrenean MeetUp organized by Aix-Marseille

From the 9th to 10th August we went to Marseille to attempt to the Summer Mediterranean MeetUp. It was a fantastic experience where we could share our projects with other French teams, prepared ourselves for the Giant Jamboree and talk with professors from the Aix-Marseille university. The MeetUp included an elevator pitch, a poster presentation and also an after-igem workshop.

Picture with Thea Chrysostomou iGEM european ambassador in the meetUp in Marseille

Other Collborations

Collaborating with Madrid-OLM

As our neighbour team, we have been collaborating often with OLM-Madrid iGEM team. They attempt to our MeetUp ant there they held a very interesting workshop. The idea was to share and discuss about the problems and inconvenients all the igem teams have suffered in Spain. Therefore, this guide could be useful for future iGEM generations in order to know in advanced what they will face and, in this way, find an easier way to solve it.

In order to build this guide, OLM-Madrid team prepared a previous outline that was discussed with the rest of the teams. Afterwards, we split every point of the outline in a glass and every team could write their contribution using different colored pens. This was a visual way to share experiences and doubts that every iGEM team had suffered and a great opportunity to find a way to solve them all together.

On the other hand, they also helped us providing with some DNA constructs and we attempt to their MeetUp sharing experiences and having the opportunity to listen to great scientists, for example Victor De Lorenzo.

Collaborating with BioIQS-Barcelona

This year Barcelona is presenting two teams to iGEM: our team formed by undergraduate students and the Bio-IQS team, formed by Master students. Following the iGEM spirit we collaborate together. First of all, they helped us giving us the transformed bacteria for the interLab study because we had some issues when growing them. They also attended our spanish MeetUp. Finally, we helped them performing PCRs with the saliva of a celiac person in order to have more data for their project and test the reproducibility of their protocol.