Our product is a universal experiment description language and related platform that focuses on simplifying some unnecessary quantifiers during the completion of the experiment report and unifying the description of the experimental process. At the same time, the platform we set up can realize the management of the experimental process, and the intelligent management of experimental consumables, so as to avoid the stagnation of progress due to the shortage of consumables in the experimental process.



On the one hand, we can reduce the burden on researchers in the completion of the experimental report. On the other hand, we can reduce unnecessary misunderstandings during the exchange of experiments by constructing a unified standard.



At the same time, this platform can also realize user-to-user communication like the community. Users can post and discuss issues related to experiments on them. Under the unified standard, experimental reports will be accepted more quickly, and information exchange will be realized. At the next experiment, the problem of browsing in the community can be avoided, thereby improving efficiency and success rate.


After consulting with many synthetic biology workers, we found that they would inevitably suffer from the need to spend a lot of time to complete the experimental report during the experiment. At the same time, they will be prone to problems when communicating with each other for the sake of difficulty in harmonizing standards. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a unified language to accurately describe the experimental process, and to provide a number of practical tools such as drawing, tabulation, writing articles, etc., thereby reducing these problems.
On the other hand, synthetic biology experiments may be suspended due to the shortage of raw materials, resulting in delays. This problem will seriously slow down the project. We want to prevent similar incidents from happening, so we have designed a module that can accomplish intelligent management of project consumables in related platforms.
But at the same time, for most synthetic biology workers, it is difficult for them to conduct effective exchanges on experimental content. So we launched a construction for a synthetic biology community. In this community, bio workers can use this to record their experimental process and communicate on it for more information, thereby reducing the blindness of the experiment.

Why we do this


We have embedded in the editor the ability to quickly perform mathematical calculations, draw tables, and draw pictures, thereby reducing user barriers. At the same time, we use a structured language to describe the process. Its advantages lie in its ability to clearly and quantitatively describe the experimental process, and it also facilitates the generation of flow charts for communication and display. In order to more clearly demonstrate the entire biological experiment, we adopted a nested approach and constructed a structure similar to the HTML tree description.
We not only provide a new markup language, but also provide a related editing environment. We have set up a toolbar, an editing area, a real-time preview area, and a smart prompt area to improve the efficiency of writing reports and eliminate them. The pain of writing code, using the GUI to complete the report is also conducive to the author to more convenient rendering, and see the results obtained in real time. And we also provide a variety of forms of output that can be converted to PDF, etc. for saving.

Accessible and powerful

To be improved

The interface design of the editor is not yet fully finalized. We also need to further refine the design and implementation based on the features we want to implement. At the same time, we will add and debug more new features. The communication platform we will build will also begin testing.

And more