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Composite Parts

We built important new composite parts to engineer functional living therapeutics:

★ BBa_K2660010: Glucose-responsive regulatory circuit. A complete glucose-responsive regulatory circuit for gram-positive bacteria. This device was tested in Bacillus subtilis and acts by turning on the gene expression when glucose or fructose are added to de medium.

BBa_K2660001: T7 promoter driving the production of GFP-histag with penetratin. This part was used to test and validate the cell-penetrating peptide penetratin.

BBa_K2660002: gal promoter driving the expression of TetR. Pgal is the promoter from galactose operon in Lactococcus lactis that is repressed in the presence of glucose in gram-positive bacteria. This part makes the TetR expression be controlled by glucose and it was used to create the glucose-responsive regulatory circuit in Bacillus subtilis.

BBa_K2660004: Pveg constitutively driving expression of mCherry. This part was used to build our positive control to test our regulatory circuit with mCherry as protein reporter.

BBa_K2660005: T7 RNA Polymerase regulated by TetR. Ptet (BBa_R0040) constitutively ON and repressed by TetR driving the production of T7 RNA Polymerase. This part uses a strong RBS spoVG from Bacillus subtilis and can be used to regulate the production of T7 RNA Polymerase in Bacillus subtilis by TetR and aTc.

BBa_K26600011: T7 promoter driving mCherry production. Used to build the glucose-responsive regulatory circuit in Bacillus subtilis.


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