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The project so far and what is to come!

The main project goal for the 2018 Guelph iGEM team is the enzymatic degradation of calcium oxalate using the heterologous production of Formyl-CoA Transferase (FRC) and Oxalyl-CoA Decarboxylase (OXC). This project is specifically designed to be applicable for the brewing industry where calcium oxalate is a by-product that accumulates on the inside of brewing equipment and is costly to clean. There are also possible cross over into the medical field as calcium oxalate can form kidney stones. Currently we plan to accomplish this through three sub projects. The first will involve transforming Escherichia coli (E. coli) with plasmids containing the enzyme’s genes. Then inducing protein expression to characterize and optimize the activity of FRC and OXC as a cleaning solution. The second is to determine if yeast cells transformed with a plasmid containing FRC and OXC will be capable of surviving, well secreting functional enzymes. And the third project will look at introducing Oxalate Formate Antiporter (oxIT) into the yeast’s cellular membrane so that calcium oxalate can be take up into the cell a broken down there.

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  • State your accomplishments! Tell people what you have achieved from the start.
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  • You have a global audience! Consider the different backgrounds that your users come from.
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  • Start documenting your project as early as possible; don’t leave anything to the last minute before the Wiki Freeze. For a complete list of deadlines visit the iGEM 2018 calendar
  • Have lots of fun!


You can also view other team wikis for inspiration! Here are some examples: