Why Did You Join iGEM?

"I joined iGEM because I wanted to get some research experience as I want to go on to do my PhD. After joining, it became much much more than that. Yes, I got that research experience, but I became part of the bigger iGEM community which I will stay apart of and hopefully help shape in years to come."
- Nicole

"I joined iGEM because to me it seemed like a great way to get my foot in the door in terms of lab experience, which ideally would help me get into a professor’s lab down the road."
- Ruth

"I had joined iGEM because as I was very interested in gaining lab experience and being part of competitive team in a new and growing field. I absolutely love biology and I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of the moment I heard of iGEM."
- Larsen

What Was Your First Year on the Team Like?

"When I first started I learned so much about how a lab functions and gained exposure to numerous different lab techniques that I would likely never get to experience until my later years. The experience I have gained and the people I’ve worked with are all amazing. I can honestly say that I feel like a real scientist and am excited for what new challenges and opportunities are to come. "
- Larsen

"This past summer was definitely a steep learning curve for me and there was a lot to do and learn, from patch plating to running and interpreting gels. I learned a lot of practical skills, and when I took MBG*3350 Lab Methods in Molecular Biology this past semester, I realized just how much I learned because most of the things we did in that course were things I had already done or observed over the summer (which made the course really easy to get a good mark in!). I also got to present our team’s poster at a conference alongside graduate students, and how many undergraduates get to do that? It’s a great learning experience and I would 10/10 recommend giving iGEM a shot if you’re at all thinking about grad school because it gives you a taste of what research is actually like in the day-to-day, which is a really valuable opportunity."
- Ruth

"Joining the Guelph iGEM team was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Being on this team has allowed me to expand my knowledge in all domains. I have learned an exceptional amount about lab work, research, and everything that goes into having a great research project. I have met incredible people that share the same interests and passions as I do."
- Nicole

How Has iGEM Impacted Your School and/or Career?

"iGEM has given me the opportunity to engage in synthetic biology in a way that I would not have been able to do as part of my degree. It has exposed me to scientific organizations and individuals at the cutting edge of synthetic biology that have broadened my horizons and inspired me to steer my career in the direction this exploding industry. It has also equipped me with molecular biological techniques that I would not have otherwise had the opportunity to learn. Attending the iGEM Giant Jamboree was one of the most important and exciting experiences of my life. It was like walking around in the future - surrounded by so much bleeding-edge scientific research conducted by such talented scientists was beyond inspiring. I have been privileged to have worked with so many talented people, both in my team an in the larger iGEM community. iGEM is what has made and continues to make my Guelph undergraduate career memorable."
- Dan

"During my first few years of my undergraduate career, I had difficulty finding a club or team that was the right fit for me. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to join Guelph iGEM. Not only has iGEM provided me with an absolutely amazing extracurricular experience, but it has also proven to have been a great way to work outside of the standard school track. We are able to think critically both as scientists and as artists, in a meaningful way with positive end goals. Personally, iGEM has presented so many networking and partnership opportunities to me and I look forward to growing in my career as a scientist with the support of literally thousands of like-minded individuals at the leading-edge of biotechnology. As an extra bonus, iGEM has acted as the foundation for meeting some incredible people, leading to what are sure to become lifelong friendships."
- Nykole

University of Guelph iGEM 2018