2019 Team Fundraising

Science is expensive!

With the 2019 iGEM season in full swing, we are constantly seeking funding to keep iGEM Guelph operating, and hope to establish ourselves in a sustainable way in the near future. The more funding we have, the more broad and rigorous our research can be, and the larger our contribution to global food sustainability and science in general we can make!

In addition to the cost of registering a team ($4,500), we still have to pay for the science itself. Furthermore, the cost of sending each participant to the iGEM Giant Jamboree is $1,000 each, and we need to send at least a few representatives in order to share our research effectively! All told, an annual budget of approximately $15,000 is the minimum we would need to operate effectively.

To that end, we kindly ask for any financial or resource assistance you can provide.

We have established a GoFundMe campaign.

We would be thankful for any contribution of any size. We would of course share you or your organization’s contribution on our 2019 website should you request it, grouped by donation size.

Donations of resources associated with synthetic biology and microbiological lab techniques relevant our current projects would also be gladly accepted.

For larger corporate or academic donations, please contact Dan directly at with subject line "Funding Opportunity".

Please help us make iGEM Guelph 2019 happen!

Thank you!

University of Guelph iGEM 2018