Team:UofGuelph/Outreach and Public Engagement

Outreach and Public Engagement

2018 Synthetic Biology Symposium

Team members Jehoshua, Nicole, Ruth, Larsen and PI Dr. Shapiro attended the Synthetic Biology Symposium hosted by Western University to present our progress on our project. Alongside other iGEM teams, we shared our research and different aspects of our iGEM project to the scientific and general public. It was a great opportunity for our newer members to share their passion of synthetic biology on a larger scale.

First International LGBTstemDay

We teamed up with the Guelph Queer Equality club on our campus to celebrate the First International #LGBTstemDay on July 5, 2018. Together we designed and made pins with rainbow-themed science designs such as DNA helices, cogs, and exploding Erlenmeyer flasks to hand out around campus to increase awareness of LGBTQ+ friendly STEM clubs and areas on campus, and to create a general atmosphere of inclusiveness, support and acceptance on campus.

Please feel free to contact Nykole at (subject line "LGBTSTEM") if you would like a PDF of our three pin designs as a template for 1" round pins, or the designs for any other purposes to support Queer Equality in your lab! We would love to see these travel the world!

University of Guelph iGEM 2018