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Welcome! This year, we designed 23 parts, and all of them have been submitted to the iGEM Registry following the Biobricks assembly standard as described by RFC10. See more detailed information on our part pages !

This year ZJU-China consists of 14 members, who can be separated into 2 groups, including the wet-lab group and the dry-lab group. Wet-lab group members have the background in life science and medical science while the dry-lab group members mainly major in engineering and computer science. This year, ZJU-China focused on developing an in-vitro diagnostic device whose idea was first brought out after rounds of brainstorming. After identifying the direction of our project, we always worked together, designing and optimizing our products rounds by rounds accompanied with a continuous process of Human Practice.

Unless otherwise stated, all the experiments, constructs, logos and results documented on our wiki were performed, composed and collected by ourselves.

Lab and modelling support

Sincere thanks to whoever helped us!

Interlab support

Associate Professor Xianyin Zhang provided guidance and permissions on FCM.

Lab support

Associate Professor Fan Yang, Professor Min Wu, Professor Ming Chen helped us maintain our laboratory work!

Professor Neel Joshi, Professor Urartu Seker, Professor Chao Zhong gave us valuable advice on our experiments!

Professor Chao Zhong provided us with the CsgA Knockout Bacteria Strain From E.Coli MG1655.

Professor Bin Su provided guidance and permissions on electrochemical workstation.

Director of Clinical Laboratory in Run Run Shaw Hospital, Jun Zhang, Director of General Surgery Department in Run Run Shaw Hospital, Yifan Wang, Doctor Hong Jin, Doctor Jingjuan Song, Doctor Wei Jin helped us apply our diagnostic device in Run Run Shaw Hospital.

Human Practice Support

Minyi Sun, member of ZUAA, helped us to contact with Acon-Biotech and MDST.

Bin Zhu, founder and manager of AST space, provided us with necessary supplies and the AST space to hold Shengxi Techfest.

Juan Cui, manager of department of products research, Acon-Biotech, gave us suggestions on our diagnostic device and and helped us achieve other interesting ideas as an expert in this field.

Lianjun Lin, director of in-vitro diagnostic device regulation ministry in MDST, gave us his advice an expert in IVDs fields.

General Support

Special thanks to our instructor Fan Yang for all her effort and time, staying in the lab with us, supervising us and insuring our safety.

Special thanks to our advisor Ming Chen for his strong supports.

Special thanks to our mentor Chris Whitford from After-iGEM for his selfless denotes to our projects.


We are grateful for the following sponsors which reduced our burden.