Project Descriptions

Antibiotics have played an important role in human society. However, microorganisms keep becoming more and more resistant to them every day. This is called antimicrobial resistance, or AMR.

The AMR is due to the expression of related resistance genes, which are being widely used as screening markers. But no effective method has been applied to ensure that resistance genes are not released into the environment. This situation poses a great threat to the society and is what we hope to solve this summer.

Our goal is to eliminate any resistance gene from bacteria used in labs and factories after they’ve complete their missions. Our project builds an inducible system inside those bacteria that can allow them to cut up their own resistance genes and kills them finally. Our work will contain three subsystems, the induce system to make the whole process controllable, the CRISPR system to target and cut resistance genes and the lysis system to kill bacteria after the resistance genes were cut.