Giant Jamboree/Information for Teams/Team Banners



You can design a team banner and we will print it for you!

The banners will be displayed all over the Hynes Convention Center for iGEMers and attendees to see. Use your team imagery, high resolution photos and all your creativity to showcase your team. After the event, you can take your banner home as a souvenir!

Submission Deadline: Friday September 28

Banner Rules

Please do not include the following in your banner design, as it may cause your design to be rejected:

  • Copyrighted images
  • Offensive content, including language or images

Your banner may also be rejected or have a revision requested for other reasons at iGEM HQ's discretion.

File Specifications

  • Size: 30 inches (width) x 72 inches (height)
  • Resolution: 300 PPi (minimum)
  • File type: PDF
  • File size: 50MB or less
  • Color Format: CMYK
  • Layout: Vertical
  • File Name: Your team's name

You can use the Banner template demo as a reference.

Submitting your banner

To submit your banner, you must upload it to the following Dropbox link:

Please note that you do not need to have Dropbox or a Dropbox account to submit your banner.