Human Practices


Human Practices

Through Human Practices, iGEM teams consider whether their projects are responsible and good for the world. They engage creatively with issues relating (but not limited) to ethics, sustainability, safety, and security. These issues are complex and don’t have simple answers. Teams therefore often conduct public engagement; inviting stakeholder input to shape the direction of their work.

"Human Practices is the study of how your work affects the world, and how the world affects your work." — Peter Carr, Director of Judging


Learn about Human Practices and why it is an important part of iGEM.

How to Succeed

All teams are expected to engage in Human Practices. Check out our tips for teams and the medal and prize criteria.


Getting started? These resources can help you think about how to integrate human practices in your project design

Exemplary Projects

Teams have conducted inspiring and impactful projects. Explore how teams have approached human practices.


How did Human Practices come to be? Learn about its origins and evolution.


Human Practices efforts at iGEM are guided by this cast of characters.


If you have questions or suggestions email us at humanpractices AT igem DOT org. We love hearing from teams. Best of luck with your projects!