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Pages for Evaluating Criteria for Medals and Awards

New in 2018:

The medal criteria have changed in 2018. Please read through them carefully as there are significant differences this year. For full details on the 2018 Medal Criteria, please read this page.

There are now two pages where you can fulfill a medal criterion and compete for a special award with a single page. These pages are Human Practices and Model.

  • Your team can complete the Human Practices page to compete for the HP silver medal criterion (silver #3), HP gold medal criterion (gold #1), and the Integrated Human Practices Award on the Human Practices page.
  • Your team can compete for both the model gold medal criterion (gold #3) and the Best Model Award using the Model page.

To make it easier for judges to find relevant documentation, we have created pages in your wiki template for specific awards and medal criteria with static (unchangeable) links. If your team wants to be evaluated for an award/medal, you will need to document your achievements related to this award/medal on these pages.

For example, if you wish to compete for the entrepreneurship award, you must document your work on https://2018.igem.org/Team:[NAME]/Entrepreneurship. Below you will find a list of all of the pages for specific awards and medal criteria in your wiki template.

The judges will be directed to these pages from static links within the judging form. If your documentation for an award is not on the page encoded by the static link, your team may not be judged for that prize.

Why are we making this change? Since specific pages on your wiki can be hard to find, we created these evaluated pages with static links to help the judges find the information they need to evaluate specific awards. When you create your project wiki, you are not limited to using only these evaluated pages, however; you may organize additional project information as you wish.

What does this mean? Regardless of how you style your wiki, you will need to preserve the designated URLs in order to be evaluated for the awards listed below. Beware! Web design packages that create their own dynamic links will not work!

So where are the links? Your team wiki will include all of the necessary pages by default. You can refer to the list of pages below, as well. Be sure to use your official team name space. For example: https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2.

Remember: When striving for an award, note that it is not sufficient to simply fulfill the award criteria. You will need to convince the judges that you have satisfactorily fulfilled the criteria. If the judges are not convinced after reading your documentation (on your wiki and on the Registry), you may not be awarded the prize.

Evaluated Pages for Medal Criteria

For full details on the 2018 Medal Criteria, please read this page.

Below are links to the team "Example2" evaluated pages for medal criteria. For your own pages, please replace "Example2" with your team name to find the page on your wiki, or navigate to that page using the menu in your team namespace.


All criteria must be met:

  • Bronze #1: No special wiki page required.
  • Bronze #2 (Deliverables): Complete the following items on the deliverables page: https://2018.igem.org/Competition/Deliverables: #1 Wiki, #2 Poster, #3 Presentation, and #4 Judging Form. No special wiki page required.
  • Bronze #3 (Attributions): https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Attributions
  • Bronze #4 (Characterization / Contribution):
        For Characterization - InterLab: https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/InterLab
        For Characterization - Existing Part: Existing part number (NOT in your part number range) is required when filling out the judging form. No special wiki page required. Data must be on the Part main page on the Registry.
        For Contribution (Special Tracks): Document at least one new substantial contribution to the iGEM community that showcases a project related to BioBricks. This contribution should be central to your project and equivalent in difficulty to making and submitting a BioBrick part. No special wiki page required.


All criteria must be met:

  • Silver #1 (Validated Part / Validated Contribution):
        For Validated Part: Part number in your part number range is required when filling out the judging form. Data must be on the Part main page on the Registry. You must also submit this part to the Registry to achieve this medal criterion. No special wiki page required.
        For Validated Contribution (Special Tracks): Convince the judges that something you created (art & design, hardware, software, etc.) performs its intended function. Provide thorough documentation of this validation on your team wiki. No special wiki page required.
  • Silver #2 (Collaborations): https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Collaborations
  • Silver #3 (Human Practices Silver): https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Human_Practices


At least two (2) criteria must be met:

  • Gold #1 (Integrated Human Practices): https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Human_Practices
  • Gold #2 (Improve a Previous Part or Project): https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Improve
        For Improve a Previous Part: Convince the judges that you have created a new part that has a functional improvement upon an existing BioBrick Part (must be RFC10 compatible). Both the new and original main part pages must reference each other. Data must be on the Part main page for each part on the Registry. You must also submit the new part to the Registry to achieve this medal criterion.
        For Improve a Previous Project (Special Tracks): Improve the function of an existing iGEM project (that your current team did not originally create) and document your achievement on your team wiki.
  • Gold #3 (Model): https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Model
  • Gold #4 (Demonstrate your work): Convince the judges that your project works. https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Demonstrate

Evaluated Pages for Special Prizes:

Below are links to the team "Example2" evaluated pages for awards. For your team to be eligible for these awards, you must edit the corresponding page and show what you have achieved.

Award: Link to page be edited:
Best Integrated Human Practices: https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Human_Practices
Best Education & Public Engagement: https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Public_Engagement
Best Measurement (formerly Innovation in Measurement): https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Measurement
Best Model: https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Model
Best Software Tool: https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Software
Best Hardware: https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Hardware
Best Supporting Entrepreneurship: https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Entrepreneurship
Best Product Design (formerly Applied Design): https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Applied_Design
Best Plant Synthetic Biology (formerly Best Advancement in Plant Synthetic Biology): https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Plant

Awards with no required standard page:

  • Best Basic Part
  • Best Composite Part
  • Best Part Collection
  • Best Wiki
  • Best Poster
  • Best Poster
  • Track Awards (based on total body of work, not any specific page)

Team wiki pages not tied to awards

The lists above show the wiki pages that will be evaluated by judges for specific awards and the four awards that are not tied to a specific page on your wiki. There are also a number of other pages that you are encouraged to make that the judges will look at, but not evaluate for specific awards.

While these pages are not specifically linked to prizes and awards evaluated by judges, they may be looked at by the judges, other committees, or members of the iGEM community. For example, safety is not evaluated by the judges, but is assessed by the iGEM Safety Committee.

Page name Page URL
Team home page https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2
Team https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Team
Description https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Description
Design https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Design
Experiments https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Experiments
Notebook https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Notebook
Results https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Results
Parts https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Parts
Safety https://2018.igem.org/Team:Example2/Safety

Instructions for Evaluated Pages

The pages that are used to evaluate for medal criteria and awards are picked up by the system. In order to be considered you will need to delete the alert box from the top of the page.

Be sure to NOT comment out the alert box, the code will pick up the class name " judges-will-not-evaluate" and will think you do not want this page to be reviewed.

Delete the following code:

<div class="column full_size judges-will-not-evaluate">
<h3>★ ALERT! </h3>
<p>This page is used by the judges to evaluate your team for the <a href="https://2018.igem.org/Judging/Medals">medal criterion</a> or <a href="https://2018.igem.org/Judging/Awards"> award listed above</a>. </p> <p> Delete this box in order to be evaluated for this medal criterion and/or award. See more information at <a href="https://2018.igem.org/Judging/Pages_for_Awards"> Instructions for Pages for awards</a>.</p>
<div class="clear">&#60/div>