Precise and accurate measurements are how iGEM teams communicate the results of their work. They engage creatively with issues relating (but not limited) to instrumentation, assay methods, experimental design, reproducibility, modeling, and prediction. The challenges of measurement can be complex, but they are foundational to the conduct of science and engineering. A careful approach to measurement helps teams succeed in their goals, and helps their work have impact on the iGEM community, throughout synthetic biology, and in the world at large.

"Measurement is fundamentally an act of communication." - Jacob Beal


Learn about Measurement and why it is an important part of iGEM.

How to Succeed

Careful measurement practices are a hallmark of successful iGEM projects. Check out our tips for taking successful measurements in synthetic biology.


Getting started? These resources can help you think about how to integrate good measurements in your project design.

Exemplary Projects

Teams approach the measurement aspects of their projects in many thoughtful and creative ways. Here are some exemplary projects.


All of the 2018 iGEM teams are invited and encouraged to participate in the Fifth International InterLaboratory Measurement Study in synthetic biology.


Measurement efforts at iGEM are guided by this committee.


If you have questions or suggestions, please email us at measurement AT igem DOT org . We love hearing from teams. Best of luck with your projects!