Measurement/InterLab/Flow Cytometry


Please note: The data submission deadline was July 27. Data is now under review by the Measurement Committee.

Extra Credit: Measurement with Flow Cytometry

For extra credit, teams with access to a flow cytometer and SpheroTech calibration beads can collect and submit flow cytometry data as well. Teams performing this additional measurement will be given special acknowledgement at the iGEM Jamboree and in any resulting scientific publications.

This is a general guide for setting up your cells for flow cytometry readings in absolute units. These steps and questions are meant to provide a general protocol and we ask that you follow them to the best of your ability.

In order to carry out this measurement protocol, you will need:

  • A flow cytometer with a channel configured for measurement of fluorescein (FITC) or GFP. This channel will typically have a 488nm laser and a 530/30 filter, but the details may vary.
  • Fluorescent calibration beads that have been calibrated for Molecules of Equivalent FLuorescein (MEFL). In particular, we request that all teams use SpheroTech Rainbow Calibration Particles, model RCP-30-5A or URCP-38-2K.

All teams using a flow cytometer to measure GFP must finish the following items:

  1. Download the protocol PDF file below and perform the additional measurement it describes as part of your interlab study data collection.
  2. Bundle all FCS files together into a zip or tar file with your team name and upload to DropBox (see button below)
  3. Add information about your flow cytometry experiment to the InterLab study page on your team wiki