Safety/Risk Assessment Tool


Risk Assessment Tool

iGEM is working with experts from around the world to create a tool to help identify any risks associated with your project and steps you might take to manage them. This tool can help in completing the required safety and security form.

As part of being responsible scientists and engineers, all iGEM teams are required to identify and manage any risks associated with their project. All teams must share what risks they have identified and the procedures, practices and other measures they have taken to mitigate them by completing the safety and security form. Teams also need to think about and address any risks should their project ever be fully realised (for example as a treatment, production process, sensor, etc.).

When thinking about possible risks, teams need to consider potential harm to themselves, their colleagues, communities and the environment. You might need to think about:

  • What is being done - will there be a risk of generating aerosols, for example? Could your parts when combined as planned result in a hazard?
  • What is being used - are you using pathogens, if so how virulent? Are any of your parts connected to virulence or transmissibility of pathogens? How much of a hazardous material or agent is being used? Can the hazard be addressed through the use of medical countermeasures (such as vaccines, drugs or antibiotics)?

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