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Winners of GenScript's Grant Opportunity Announced

GenScript has announced the 5 recipients for their team sponsorship offer! Congratulations to the following teams: Munich, Stony Brook, UCL, Virginia, and Washington.


A Proud iGEM Sponsor Since 2009

GenScript has been a proud sponsor of iGEM teams since 2009, and has partnered with iGEM to provide invaluable logistical support to teams in China since 2016. This year, GenScript is once again providing critical support to teams in China by shipping the iGEM 2018 Distribution Kits. GenScript is also offering a team grant opportunity worth $4000 in products and support, as well as 20% off select products and services for all teams in 2018. See below for more information.

GenScript and synthetic biology

The rapidly expanding science of synthetic biology is a field that GenScript, the leading synthetic biology company in the world and the No. 1 gene synthesis supplier in North America, has helped pioneer since 2002. Since de novo gene synthesis is not dependent on naturally occurring DNA templates, sequences can be generated that encode for novel proteins, metabolic circuits or whole genomes. With the advent of novel DNA parts, there are few limitation towards advancing synthetic biology.

Team Sponsorship Opportunities

Team Grant Opportunity

Call for Proposals

GenScript is announcing the sponsorship of 5 iGEM teams for the 2018 iGEM Competition, providing $4,000 of total support for each group. Each sponsored team will be eligible to receive:

  • $2,000 of free GenScript products and services
  • $2,000 as a bonus team award

Submissions Open: May 1, 2018
Submissions Close: May 31, 2018

Proposal Submission to Include:

  • Abstract Project Proposal
  • Project Significance
  • Figures (Optional)

Please keep proposals to under 1000 words.


To submit an application or for more information on the application process you can:

Applications are now closed.

Special Promotion for Teams

20% Off DNA Synthesis and Cloning Services

GenScript is also providing a special discount for all iGEM teams. Each team is eligible to receive 20% off DNA synthesis and cloning services.

To receive the discount, use the promo code iGEM2018DNA and include your iGEM team name in the ordering comments. The discount is available until October 15, 2018.

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Services eligible for the 20% Off iGEM Promotion include:

DNA Synthesis

  • GenParts DNA Fragments (SC1930)
  • Standard Gene Synthesis (SC1010)


  • Express Cloning (SC1691)
  • VectorArk Cloning (SC1692)
  • Subcloning (SC1017)

For more information, visit us at www.genscript.com/igem

Providing Logistical Support to Teams in China

GenScript is once again providing critical support to teams in China by shipping the iGEM 2018 Distribution Kits. Sharing iGEM’s values of international collaboration, GenScript not only provides valuable resources to these teams, but also enables them to participate in the interlab measurement study.

More information coming soon.