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Liu Quan

I am Quan Liu , a student from school of information and electronic , it’s my first year to join igem. In our team, I work in team of hardware, I learnt microcontroller and built the circuit for the first time. Obviously, this is a synthetic biology competition, I learnt lots of knowledge about synthetic biology, also, I did some little experiments, made several micro-fluidic chip, wrote several versions of the project book, which train my ability in all ways. When I first entered the team, I was a freshman, because both freshmen and sophomores are in the new campus, and the lab is in the old campus. Every time I went to the regular meeting, I had to take the subway for one and a half hours to the old campus. During the period, the captain gave us a temporary bed in the old campus in order to provide convenience to our team members on the new campus. It’s very fun to do a little bit of work although it’s very tired to go to the workplace.

Suo Delong

I am Delong Suo , a student from school of life science, My major is bioengineering. This year is my first time to join iGEM. I am mainly responsible for the work of the hardware group. In the process, I learned what a microfluidic chip and knew its material and manufacturing process. Besides, I knew the difference of the idea of synthetic biology and traditional organisms. At the same time, because our group's work involves instruments and chips, I also came into contact with the knowledge that can't be received by professional courses, such as Microcontrollers, optical path detection, signal transmission, etc. The knowledge greatly expanded my horizons and helped me. I saw a different biology. Thank you for everything this experience has brought me.

Chen Jiawei

Hello ,I am Jiawei Chen from Team BIT.I am sophomore student that major in Biomedical engineering.My main job in our project is doing biological experiments .It is really interesting though I always fail:).This competition really makes me learn a lot and i have a good time.

Rao Yifan

My name is Yifan Rao , I'm a senior student in BIT.In this year's project, I am responsible for the experiments of biosensor.I once heard the team member say to attend iGEM regret for one year, don't regret for a lifetime. Last year, I made the decision to participate in iGEM at a crucial stage for college. However, from then on to now, I've never regretted the decision even though I encountered difficulties that I could not overcome. Devoting myself to one thing for more than ten months urges me to grow. Growing is an exhausting thing, requiring attention to detail, logic from chaos, experience and approaches from failure and courage in all situations. But even if I try in vain many times, I learn to persevere alone. And it gives me a lot of courage to face difficulties together with my teammates. By the time the project is finished this year, I think I'll be grateful for everything I've experienced along the way.


My name is TIEENDIESI·MANATIBIEKE , I’m a junior student of bioengineering from school of life science, Beijing Institute of Technology. I am involved in the hardware part of the iGEM_BIT , I‘m also involved in wiki and application production part. ”I think the guys in the biological part are a bit like Thanos cause they are all obsess to Maximum sustainable yield”

Xu Xin

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah Avatar (WELL…Because my classmates thought I look like Avatar…) This year I am a sophomore!!!No more a freshman~ Yeah~ I major in Mechanical Engineering. (Ye…I am a girl…Please do not doubt my sex…) In team, I am in the hardware group and HP group. In 616, I am a record machine of K-pop with Yvette. Although biology is not my major, but I fell in love with it since senior high school. I saw a TV program named“KAI JIANG LA”. There was a scientist named “YAN NIENG” who attracted me deeply and made me fall in love with biology. My senior high school biology teacher also take really good care of me, and we even talked about some interesting things in life together sometimes. Those all made me love biology a lot. Also, I am public-spirited. Once I knew that POCT can help people in remote districts, I know I could not give up it any more. No matter how hard it will be in the future, I will keep on struggling to develop it.

Meng Fanxu

Meng is in his junior year of Biomedical engineering at BIT and does some of the modelling work as well as bio-sensing experiments. Remaining quiet almost in all situations, it’s some kind of common sense that he always wear headphones.

Wang Chunyang

Hello,ladies and gentlemen,I’m Wang Chunyang from Anhui,China,a junior now studying in Beijing Institute of Technology. My major is Bioengineering,so I am very glad to have such a wonderful chance to meet new friends and share ideas or experiences with you. About my character, generally speaking,I am optimistic and confident. Sometimes I prefer to stay alone, reading, listening to music,but most of the time,I'd like to work together with my friends.

Lan Fei

I am Lan Fei, a student majoring in biotechnology. In charge of biological experiments in team BIT.Perhaps the most memorable thing is not what we have done, but what we have experienced together in this year. The most precious thing is that we have not been discouraged after repeated experimental failures. We have the courage and determination to start over again.This is a year full of rapid growth. I'm so grateful to my teammates and proud of us.


My name is Anizat·Ayrat and I am a junior in the college of life at Beijing Institute of Technology.I am a Uighur.Now in junior year,and this year is also the first year I joined iGEM.I am honored to participate in iGEM.During this time of iGEM, I was mainly responsible for the biology part of the team. Here I learned a lot of new knowledge about biology and learned how to use this knowledge to complete a whole experiment.I also spent a very happy time in the team.

Liu Xinyu

I am Xinyu Liu, a junior biomedical engineering student from school of life science,Beijing Institute of Technology, student Leader of iGEM_BIT 2018.This is my second years participating in iGEM. This year,I mainly take in charge of Human Practice, collaboration and part of Hardware work.iGEM is much more than a competition for me,it gave me the chance to know people all over the world and share knowledge and life together. We make connections through synthetic biology,and all want to help make world better even in different ways. That is absolutely amazing and cheering !

Wang XiaoLi

My name is Wang XiaoLi and English name is chloe. I have participated in iGEM 2017 & iGEM 2018.I think the biggest gain in the past two years is a team.BIT is more like a harbor for me, and it feels warm and safe in the team.I am very very proud to tell others that I am a member of the team BIT.

Peng Zhao

I'm Peng Zhao, studying in Biological Engineering and baskateball is my favorite. This year in BIT, I'm engaged with biological experiments and I learn a lot from this. I have to say that it is really hard to complete a new project in one year,but it is worth it.

Jiang Hao

I am currently studying at the School of Life Science, Beijing Institute of Technology, majoring in bioengineering. I think iGEM is an activity that belongs to people who are passionate about life sciences. I am honored to be one of this group.