Brock University iGem Wiki

About Us
The Brock iGEM Team is a group of passionate undergraduate students who are looking to experience the world of research. Currently studying at Brock University in St. Catharines Ontario, we are working towards preparing a project to bring to display at the iGEM conference in 2018. The team is built on a wide variety of undergraduate fields such as Biochemistry, Medical Sciences and Neuro Sciences. As a team, we are extremely interested in various biotechnological and molecular biological techniques to enhance our studies during our undergraduate degrees.

We are very proud to have the opportunity to represent Brock University, as we would like to inspire others to explore the world of research and to grow our Brock iGEM team for years to come. Under the current supervision of Dr. Aleksandar Necakov and two student mentors Devin and Taylor, we have learned multiple techniques that we wish to display at this upcoming conference and we would like to represent Brock University and our scientific community.