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The ideal medicine is not a perfect treatment . . .

. . . it's a cure

Advancements in genetic modification have opened avenues towards numerous tracks of scientific development.

In particular, the demand for permanent health solutions has sparked massive interest in gene therapy.

Despite the potential for establishing an ideal medicine, there are still numerous challenges.

The selection of an integration target site, methodology pertaining to gene delivery, and maintenance of gene expression currently limit the potential for gene therapy to become common practice.

How do we overcome these problems?


The system that allows for the integration and maintenance of large-scale genetic constructs in eukaryotic systems.

University of Calgary’s Snip, Equip, Flip aims to overcome the aforementioned obstacles. This system allows for the creation of eukaryotic cell lines via stable integration and expression of exogenous genes.

Snip, Equip, Flip is a simple and reliable method that can be used by experienced and entrant researchers alike and may facilitate a vast array of scientific discoveries.

By complementing the specificity of targeting that CRISPR/Cas9 offers with the much larger integration capabilities of FLP recombinase and beta resolvase, gene integration into eukaryotic genomes becomes a simple process of Snip, Equip, Flip.

The expression of integrated genes is then protected and maintained over time by adding flanking chromatin modifying elements.

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