Team:DLUT China B/TeamMembers

2018 iGEM_DLUT_B

Hello, everyone. I'm Han Xue, a junior student whose hairline is getting higher and higher. I'm mainly responsible for the Human Practice. I participated in the iGEM for the first time and made progress during the competition.

I'm Xie Yan, student leader of DLUT_China_B. I'm abiomacromule fan. I'm glad that you're interested in our project. Email:

I am Weixu, from Dalian University of Technology. My major is Chemistry. In our project, I am in charge of liquid crystal experiment.

I'm Zheng Ruichao, in charge of the development of Wiki for our team. Major in software engineering, I enjoy coding and programming very much. For me, it's also challenge to take part in iGEM this time.

Peng Xilei, an engineering student from an engineering school who pursues science.

I am Shu Xun, a 20-year-old who likes to paint. I hope to make friends with you.

Zhu Jinwei, a junior student majoring in Life Science and Technology. I have got a lot of fun from working with our team members. I enjoy every night from the lab to the dormitory. The school feels clean this time of night. Just empty streets and me.

My name is Xu Kang, a 3rd year biology engineering student, from school of life science and technology, Dalian University of Tcehnology. In our team, I am mainly responsible for the wet experiment, including interlab. In life, I like running and hiking. My favorite poem is find a moment of leisure in a busy life.

Active, talkative, enthusiastic about almost everything, but also shy, quiet and not brave enough. Do you want to know whom that strange girl is? Ah-ha, that's me! My name is Chen Kaidi, and you can also call me Cathy. I am a girl who love to try new things and challenge myself. Not only biology is in my interests, but I am fond of ancient Chinese and history as well. I enjoy fighting with a hard problem and discussing with my friends to explore the solution. I really really want to make friends with all of you explorers!

My name is Zhu Jingyi. I'm a pretty outgoing girl and have passionate interests in multiple spectrums of activities, particularly with swimming and paper-cut. The trademark of myself, is, an excellent teamwork player. The teamwork spirits always motivated me to explore the gifts inside myself and fully coordinate with the team members to attain the ultimate accomplishment.

Zhiyue Wu: I am a sophomore from DLUT in PRC with an outgoing and diligent character, majoring in bio-engineering. It's my pleasure to have a chance to take part in IGEM from which I have learned a lot.

My name is Zhang Yawei. In order to learn more about synthetic biology and get touch with more people who are interested in biology, I participated in the iGEM team of my university. I played as an art designer and background researcher. Meanwhile, I will help lab group do some experiments and consult literatures. This experience is really meaningful to me.

Liu Hao, Girl.

Dalian University of Technology - College of Life Science and Technology

In youth, meet a group of like-minded people, together to do what others have not done.

I am Sun Mingze, a junior at Dalian university of technology. I like study. I am good at seeing the essence through appearances, grasping the core issues and putting forward my own opinions.

Lihan Zi

Engineer, Assistant to the Dean of the School of Life Science and Technology, Dalian University of Technology.

Research areas

  • Self-flocculating yeast
  • Continuous ethanol fermentation
  • Pretreatment

Team Contribution

  • Provide experimental equipment, experimental materials and experimental sites
  • Promote the progresses of the project
  • Provide technical support and guidance
  • Plan the team’s travel routine
  • Remind us of the freeze date

Jun Yang

Associate Professor, Associate Dean of the School of Life Science and Technology, Dalian University of Technology.

Research areas

  • Structure and function of target enzyme
  • Development of green antibacterial agent based on target
  • Pesticide delivery and controlled release technology

Team Contribution

  • Provide assistance to our Human Practices part
  • Help us to promote the progresses of the project
  • Point out the main contradictions at the critical stage of the experiment
  • Suggestions on the practicality of the project
  • Provided us with the latest research progress on related projects
  • Remind us of the freeze date

Jun Ren

Associate Professor, Master Instructor of the School of Life Science and Technology, Dalian University of Technology.

Research areas

  • Bioseparation techniques for protein purification
  • Biomedical materials for blood purification treatments

Team Contribution

  • Guide experimental operations
  • Provide theoretical support
  • Promote the project progresses
  • Help test the feasibility of the project

Bolin Zang

Ph.D candidate, School of Lifescience and Biotechnology.

Research areas

  • Direct site-specific immobilization of protein A
    Site-specific immobilization of protein A for absorbing of the IgG from the serum
  • Preparation of tail to tail linked single-domain antibodies
    Site-specific aldehyde modification of sdAb in vivo, then prepare bivalent sdAb hydrazide/oxime linking under freezing

Team Contribution

  • Help us order experimental materials
  • Provide theoretical support
  • Guide experimental operations
  • Help test the feasibility of the project