Team:Lubbock TTU/Design


The TTU iGEM Team would like to sincerely thank the following mentors for their guidance and support through our journey during the 2018 iGEM Competition.

Primary PI: Dr. John D’Auria generously granted the TTU iGEM Team the opportunity to conduct research in his lab space and offered his time and commitment as a mentor. We are thankful for his help with ordering supplies, supporting our fundraising efforts, and providing critical feedback on our research efforts. Dr. D’Auria helped guide the team towards a feasible project that can be conducted within his lab while providing us the flexibility to determine how we would like to execute our research objectives.

Secondary PI: Dr. Michael Latham kindly offered his time to teach the team how to use the plate reader for the InterLab study and future research objectives. During team meetings he directed the team towards feasible goals for the competition. We look forward to future research activities with Dr. Latham.

Advisor: Dr. Serra-Ruth Moreno assisted the team with troubleshooting the protocols for lambda red recombineering in our E. coli host chassis and our mutagenesis assays.

Advisor: Dr. Roger Sutton provided the team with guidance for dry lab objectives and has always offered the team his support through access to lab space and technical advice regarding structural investigations.

Advisor: Julie Isom has always been a substantial supporter of the TTU iGEM Team and she serves as the director for the iGEM Raiders Student Organization on TTU campus and the Associate Program Director of Research for CISER. Julie assisted the team by providing financial support and managerial assistance through the entire competition.

We would like to express our gratitude to the following financial supporters of iGEM for making the iGEM experience possible for students at Texas Tech University.
  • Dean Brent Lindquist of the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Dr. Lou Densmore and Julie Isom of the Center for Integration of STEM and Research (CISER).
  • Dean Michael San Francisco of the Honors College.
  • John Course from Cedarlane Laboratory.

Project Start & Team Training

The TTU iGEM Team learned about the competition and synthetic biology through the team leader, Brandon Palomo, and his efforts to improve opportunities for synthetic biology at TTU.

Team Contributions

  • Brandon Palomo:Brandon Palomo was involved in managing the TTU iGEM team, securing funding, project planning, designing BioBricks, designing plasmids, meeting with the UT Austin and LASA Austin iGEM teams, performing collaboration work for UT Austin, and modeling the putrescine biosensor.
  • Jordan Chasteen: We send Jordan our best wishes to Jordan Chasteen for a speedy recovery from his medical procedures. We look forward to having him back in action next year.
  • Benjamin Chavez: Benjamin Chavez was involved in designing BioBricks, primers, and laboratory protocols for the experiments conducted in the lab. He trained the team on laboratory protocols and safety while conducting the experiments for gene knockout and carrying out the Interlab Study.
  • Paula Garavito: Paula Garavito was the wet lab manager for the team and was involved with enforcing safety training, lab training, lab notebooks, and lab schedules. She was involved with integrating the BioBricks into the shipping vectors, editing the wiki page, conducting the Interlab study, attempting recombination for knockout in E. coli W3110, initiating fundraising and outreach activities, meeting with the UT Austin and LASA Austin iGEM teams, and performing collaboration work for UT Austin.
  • Jeff Ptak: Jeff Ptak assisted with editing the wiki page, conducting the Interlab study, attempting recombination for knockout in E. coli W3110, and inserting the BioBricks into the shipping vector. Jeff was also involved with scheduling a meeting for the team with an investment company known as Eventide to pitch a research proposal for potential funding opportunity.
  • Darron Tharp: Darron Tharp was involved with editing the wiki page, conducting the Interlab Study, meeting with Dr. Serra-Moreno, attempting recombination for knockout in E. coli W3110, performing collaboration work for LASA Austin, and designing BioBricks, primers and the donor vector for recombination.


  • We would like to thank Sebastian Valbuena for assisting the team with the Wiki page.
  • We would like to thank Dr. John D’Auria for helping the team prepare for the presentation at the Jamboree.

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