Team:Rotterdam HR/Wikistat


Wiki Page Statistics

As a team interested in building a good wiki we liked to know which iGEM team pages were the most popular. To get the best data for inspiration, we made a web application for ranking all teampages by views. Using this application we can search for the current best pages. There is even an option to filter for a certain team and/or subpage. Of course, this application is now publically available on our wiki! We find this application helpful and we hope other iGEM teams will use it to better their own wiki.

We are currently storing all viewdata of the day on a remote server. In a future update, we want to use this gathered data to show graphs and other analytics. All if we have the time to build such a program.
If you are interested, you can check the daily viewdata of each teampage (and total views of a team) using a small python application we made here. Or if you are a programmer and would like to make your own tool for it, you can find the raw viewdata here (JSON format).

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