Nation-wide Issue

Indiscriminate spitting of red coloured catechu after ‘paan’ consumption makes public places and historical monuments unsightly & unhygienic.
Prevalent not only in India but also in much of the South Asian continent!
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Our Solution

Our synthetic biology solution will contribute in saving CRORES of government money, LAKHS of litres of water and THOUSANDS of manual labour hours which the country is spending since many years to scrub these paan stains off.

Catechewing coli

Catechewing coli is a stain-degrading genetically engineered machine which is designed in such a way that not only will it degrade the stubborn paan stains but also would prevent its diffusion in the environment by having a kill switch module built in. To know more click here..

Stakeholders & communities

The enormity of this problem made us involve various stakeholders & communities in the society so that our system is optimised towards their needs and can be further turned into a more commercial aspect.To know more click here...

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