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Integrated Human Practices

Providing society with clean water is important to maintain the general health of the population, and there are many regulations and restrictions on how to do it. We want to contribute to the work by cleaning water from pharmaceuticals with our enzymatic solution. We have therefore consulted with experts within wastewater treatment, hospitals and academia. Furthermore, we have gotten valuable feedback from other creatives from the field by joining the new Open Innovation platform "HelloScience" created by Novozymes. Here we got questions about our project, allowing us to create an early user connection to adjust the feasibility and impact of our solution. The methods used today within wastewater treatment were discussed in great details with experts, but also future treatment systems and the practicability and sustainability of our product. The key in our work was defined by talking to people within the community providing transparency and open discussions. The result of our meetings and people that crossed our path became Biotic Blue - a reflection of integrated influences and the community.

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