Part Collection

Irreplaceable Force

We have created a large and extensive part collection in which each piece has a different specific function, however they all consolidate for a common purpose of creating a liposome-based synthetic biology platform for membrane protein research. The collection comprises cellular MP integration machinery, target membrane proteins, and a unique chaperone. Guide RNAs introduce genetic modifications to nascent ribosome proteins for purification and further ribosome anchoring to nickel-chelating lipids of liposome membrane. Synthetic RNA thermometers act as a user-controllable mechanism for regulation of target protein expression and high-yield synthesis in an inducible temperature range. Thermoswitches elegantly complement the function of BAM complex which facilitates membrane-assembly of beta-barrel bearing proteins. Our target membrane proteins are fused with Mistic protein for a superior integration into the membrane. Additionally, MPs of our choice expose designated antibodies on the surface of the liposome.