Computer with Eyes

In pursuit to substantially reduce manual effort in performing microfluidic experiments, we have designed a software called LipoVision. One of the crucial steps for a successful liposome synthesis is the correct preparation of the microfluidic device. A coating procedure is critical for rendering half of the device hydrophilic and half of it hydrophobic. Not only does it require precise attention, the procedure quite often fails because of the human made errors while controlling the infuse rates quickly in a response due to an instability. LipoVision software reduces human labor down to the bare minimum and optimizes the coating procedure entirely. It uses an open standard computer library OpenCV at its’ core, detects the events at the interphase and controls the pumps for the accurate infusion rates according to the situation. The LipoVision software is based on Go and available on all operating systems and is accessible to any custom microfluidic experiment.