Team:XMU-China -

Cell-free Systems for Disease Detection and Treatment

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Our Project

This year team XMU-China developed cell-free systems to detect and treat diseases. Protein detection is unique and significant in biology fields, especially for the detection of protein biomarkers which produced by diseased cells. In order to overcome the deficiencies of traditional detection methods, we have developed an Aptamer Based Cell-free Detection system of protein.

After protein detection, we use outer-membrane vesicles (OMVs) to treat the diseased cells. We designed a system that has realized the efficient, customizable production of OMVs, which serves to encapsulate specific siRNA for disease treatment.

To guarantee the practicability detection and treatment system, we also developed TDPs supporting system to store fragile chemicals or biological materials.

To demonstrate our project under realistic conditions, we designed a hardware with matched software. The design of ABCD system and microfluidic chips are guided by our models.