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    A 21 year old student at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor's degree of Biomedical Laboratory Technology currently in his final year.

    Hobbies: Watching soccer, dancing, watching movies, swimming and making new friends.
    He had a passion about synthetic biology which inspired him to participate in IGEM and he is ready to continue with his career in synthetic biology.

    Personal words: I have got an excellent experience with the team where i have learnt various skills in research especially in the field of molecular biology, interaction with different people from various universities and communication of scientific based information. Furthermore, I have come to know different companies that enhance synthetic biology like Twist bioscience, Promega, and IDT across the world.

  2. Alex Kyabarongo. (Team Leader)

    Alex is an undergraduate student at Makerere University in his third year pursuing a Ba. Veterinary Medicine with particular interest in PUBLIC HEALTH, EPIDEMILOGY and VETERINARY PREVENTIVE MEDICINE. He enjoys traveling especially with his dog in game parks, touring natural resources, but sometimes training leadership, motivation and mentorship to the young generation though a scientist ha-ha. Not forgetting his free time soccer fun and reading.

    Why iGEM? As Synthetic Biology is a relatively young area of science, I feel there is a lot of unexplored territory to investigate, and that makes iGEM a particularly pioneering, exciting, and challenging research opportunity.

    “I have had great time being part of this amazing team of iGEM Makerere University 2018, I have learnt a lot, I have been transformed in the world of synthetic biology and its dynamics and on how to deal with deadlines, I hope for the best at the jamboree in Boston.”

  3. David Wagaba

    I am a student at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor's in Veterinary Medicine currently in my third year. I am 20 years old and I have a passion for science and life.
    I joined the team because I wanted to find out more knowledge about Molecular and synthetic biology world. I also wanted a live platform to get to apply the newly acquired skills of computer science (especially in web design) with the making of the wiki.
    I thank IGEM for I have obtained some experience which i will use on future projects.

  4. Sarah Kyoyagala

    I am a third year student at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Medicine.
    I love swimming, watching movies, visiting new places, interacting with people and making new friends.
    I had love and a passion to find out about synthetic biology and this motivated me to join the team.
    I have had a very wonderful experience with my fellow team members and I got to learn a number of things which include; communication skills and research.

  5. Matovu Wycliff

    I am Matovu Wycliff a student at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor's degree of Biomedical Laboratory Technology.
    I am a synthetic biology enthusiastic and my passion lies in the hands of DNA and RNA. I also love music, dancing, watching movies and playing video games.
    And the best part of it all is "I LOVE JESUS".

  6. David Nalumenya

    David is God loving man. He values integrity, science and people.
    David was a strong hold for our lab work.

  7. Henry Tamale Charles

    22 years old, Henry Charles is pursuing a BA. Biomedical Laboratory Technology.
    He is an enthusiastic scientist interested in science as a tool to enhance and improve life.
    Working with iGEM has been a good experience.

  8. Patience Mukaballisa

    Am a student at Makerere University pursuing a bachelor’s degree of Biomedical Laboratory Technology.
    Am aged 21 years, I love the Lord, I like making new friends.
    My hobbies are dancing, watching movies, hanging out with friends etc.
    Am in my final year.
    I had passion for synthetic biology which motivated me to participate in IGEM.
    I have got an excellent exprience with the team where i have learnt various skills in research and communication of scientific based information. Furthermore, I have to know different members across the world.

  9. Ronald Ssemambo

    Age: 21years
    I am pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Laboratory Technology
    I am glad to be a part of the pioneer team from Makerere University.

  10. Lawrence Opiyo

    Course: Bachelor of Veterinary medicine
    Description: I am self motivated by challenges in the community and always seek to find better solutions to existing problems. I am therefore a brainstormer, invention enthusiast, innovator and forward free thinking individual.
    Joining Igem Makerere team was an opportunity for me to contribute towards the championing of a technology that I believe holds the answer to many currrent problems, some whose solutions were never possible before. Think about the phrase "plastic eating bacteria" for example. It will change a lot in our country Uganda where plastic use is really frankly unregulated compared to many neighbouring contrives. It was the right project for this country. Synthetic biology is for me therefore a technology that is essential to the enhancement of life in the 21st century.
    Through IGEM I have learned the complexities of developing an idea: how it needs commitment, focus, and cooperation with as many as can give a hand. You can never know who will actually come through for you so you can'tknow afford to write off someone at first sight. With this experience I can only look forward to many more projects in future both in the team and after Igem. Thank you IGEM, it was a worthwhile.

Team Instructor

Otim Geoffrey

Otim Geoffrey, Medical Laboratory Technologist at Uganda Virus Research Institute-Immunology Department, Entebbe. He has spent more than 8 years doing research and active surveillance on vaccine preventable diseases, (VPDs) especially Polio, Measles and Rubella.
Otim Geoffrey received his Bachelor degree in Medical Laboratory science from Mbarara University of Science and Technology, a Post graduate Diploma in Health Management and Leadership, and a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology from Mengo Hospital School of Medical Laboratory Technology, Uganda. He recently completed his MSc. Molecular biology and Biotechnology at Makerere University and his Masters level research project explored the association of single nucleotide polymorphisms(SNPs) in CARD15 and SLC1A1 genes and positive serostatus of Ankole cattle to Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis infection in Uganda. He also received a Certificate in Advanced Epidemiology & Biostatistics from University of Nairobi, Kenya in Collaboration with University of Washington, USA. He is a previous SB.7 Biosecurity Fellow and the Founder SYNBIO AFRICA which is the first synthetic biology community in Africa. He is also the Instructor, iGEM Makerere University Team 2018.