Team:Botchan Lab Tokyo

Botchan Lab Tokyo
Our project is as follows. First, express nitrogenase inside E.coli to make ammonia from nitrogen in the air. Second, express Glutamic acids dehydrase gene into the same E.coli to make glutamic acid from ammonia. In the future we want to colonize this E.coli into human intestine. By doing this, we can get amino acid without eating protein food. Last season, we succeeded to introduce nif BHDKENXhesA operon and nifVSU operon, which is necessary to express nitrogenase. This year, we will check nitrogenase activity on our E.coli and introduce glutamate dehydrase to make amino acid, especially glutamic acid. If we still have enough time after we get through with these issues, we install amino acid excreting system in this E.coli. In the future, we want to invent a mechanism to colonize this E.coli in human intestinal flora. Our final goal is to solve the problem of malnutrition with this mechanism.